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Maynard Taylor

May 1

My Name is Maynard (May) Taylor and I would like to say thanks for thinking about joining Roc Fit. I am a certified Personal Trainer from ExpertRating and I am here to help you reach your full fitness potential. Whether it’s losing weight, increasing strength, improving endurance or just getting back in shape I am here to help Build A Better You!

I have been training my body in strength and endurance for the past 10 years. The knowledge I have gained I will be using to show exercises that will help to create the best you possible. These similar exercises have allowed me to pass military fitness tests with flying colors, maintain an athletic build, and bounce back from 3 major injures (back, ankle and shoulder) in record time. I have trained over 30 individuals and helped them achieve their fitness goals. Now allow me to help Build a Better You!

Please contact me at (904) 554-1970 or my email:

Services & Pricing

Cardio Training

30 minute session
• 1 session - $20.00
• 3 sessions - $45.00
• 5 sessions - $60.00

Strength Training

60 minute session
• 1 session - $20.00
• 3 sessions - $50.00
• 5 sessions - $80.00

Endurance Training

90 minute session
• 1 session - $25.00
• 3 sessions - $60.00
• 5 sessions - $100.00

Times available
• 5am - 1pm

All necessary forms must be completed before beginning any physical activity

Client Testimonies

Name: Tone Williams
Profession: Manager/Business owner
Goal: To maintain strength and endurance
Length of Training: 2010-2012
After my wonderful college football career was over, I struggled with trying to find exercises to keep up my strength and endurance. I enrolled in many gyms and sports programs but none really kept me motivated. That was until I met Maynard (Roc Fit Trainer), who introduced me to his strength and endurance routine. With his routine, I found that every workout and exercise pushed me to do my best. I felt that I was in competition with myself which pushed me to do better. I was felt stronger and had more energy. It wasn’t until I decided to start playing football ball again that I really began to see the difference. I was much stronger, faster and had more energy than I did when I was playing football at the age of 19. After training with Maynard for 2 years, I decided to go into the field of becoming a personal trainer.

Name: Michelle Dotson
Profession: Professional Counselor
Goal: To lose weight
Length of Training: 2013 – Present
I started training with Roc Fit in March 2013. The main reason why I choose to continue to train with this program is because they work around my hectic schedule. Sometimes I have to be at work in the early hours of the morning and do not leave until late in the evening. I’m just glad that Roc Fit allows me to train as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 11 p.m. I love the one-on-one training I get, and I also love that I can email my trainer with any health-related questions that I may have. They always respond back quickly. In my few months of training, I have lost pounds and feel great. Plus, I can’t complain about the price either! I love my experience with Roc Fit and do not see myself leaving anytime soon. As my trainer would say....“Roc Fit!”

Name: Kes Samuel
Profession: Law Enforcement
Goal: Strength, Endurance and Flexibility.
Length of Training: 2002 – Present
I am not just a regular client of Roc Fit, I am a V.I.P. member. I have watched Roc Fit grow from the very beginning, by its owner Roscoe ‘Roc’ Casey, to his first trainer Maynard ‘May’ Taylor. I have known and trained with these guys for over 10 years! Every day, every workout is better than the last. I find myself to be very fit, and with the nature of my job requiring a lot from me, I know I can turn to this reliable source when I feel like I need more strength, endurance and flexibility. Maynard was eager to take the challenge and train me to get me where I want to be. I can get training anytime I need it with the Roc Fit “no contract” deal. Another great advantage is that you can’t beat the price.

Name: Tiffany Moore
Profession: Single Mother
Goal: Weight loss and Endurance
Length of Training: 2012 – Present
Being a single mother, a business woman and having issues with high blood pressure, I decided it was time to begin to lose weight. I decided I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle. I started looking around for gyms and personal trainers and ran across Maynard Taylor (Roc Fit Trainer) who has begun to help me reach my target weight. The training that Maynard provides is not just a workout but it is a lifestyle. He is just not training me on how to properly exercise but he is also educating me on how to have a better diet. I am glad that I decided to use Maynard as my personal trainer and get Roc Fit.